PRUNI follows a strict quality policy in its confections, assuring the garment resistance. The user’s security is a priority for us, as well as his comfort. The garments are done following the most demanding standards of quality that allow us to certificate the effectiveness of our confections

We want to satisfy our client’s demands, fulfilling their own specifications, under procedure of good practice of manufacturer and systems ISO 9001-2000 e ISO 14001, and we also follow corporative rules of social responsibility.

Our organization validates and certifies all its products under strict parameters of NIOSH, OSHA, OIT, ILO, EN, European Community among others and all the specific regulations with the objective to protect and prevent risks fro the workers


Technical norms and standards

ASTM F1506, Textile Materials for Wearing Apparel for Use by Electrical Workers Exposed to Momentary Electric Arc and Related Thermal Hazards, 2000 Edition.

NFPA 2112, Standard on Flame – Resistant Garments for Protection Against Flash Fire, 2001 Edition.



Our products are under the observance and approval of the attest of the try outs and specifications control of VERTICAL FLAMABILITY ASTM 6413, ITP APACED CAP8, NFPA 2112, THERMAL SHRIKAGE RESISTANCE AATCC135, CAP 8 NFPA 2112, HEAT RESISTANCE CAP 8, NFPA 1975, ASTN F 1930, INTI-IRAM 3878, LEVELS A, B1, RENSITOS 6.2/6.3, ASTN 5034, CAATCC 135.


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